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Single Dads Dating

Many single dads wonder if our site is just for single men looking for single moms and the answer to this is no - Of course, our website is open to single dads, not only single guys without children looking for some fun.

Single dads have just as much success as single men when it comes to meeting single moms... Maybe more, because single moms can relate to them. We don't have many single dads on the site, so those who do join have a high success rate of meeting a single mom quickly.

Single Dads Are In Demand

Because we don't have many single dads on the site, and lots of single moms, single dads are in high demand. So if you're a single dad, your luck is in! Try escaping the world of parenting with a like-minded single mom. Maybe you just want a fling, and that's fine, there is nothing wrong with that, or perhaps you're looking for something more stable, like a relationship. Whatever you want, you'll find a single mom near you looking for fun and possibly romance. So join now.