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When Easy-Moms launched it became an overnight success. Why? because its a very simple concept; that brings single moms who are traditionally short of time, and single guys who don't necessarily want to make a commitment to date, together.
Check out the testimonials below from a handful of satisfied members...

Emma, 36, ‘being shy and a mom was not helping me find a man. I actually didn't think I was going to meet one, but as soon as I joined the website, I soon got into the swing of things and had a couple of flings with guys from the site. lol! thank! x’

Mia, 27, ‘So many naughty guys out there. I must say I met around 15 guys and now I'm in a fulltime relationship with one! I made up for lost time I guess you could say’

Harper, 36, ‘I joined not knowing what to expect. I met up with some guys already and have had a great time, thank you so much. You've made it possible for me to meet and talk to guys again’

Meghan, 33, ‘I've been a stay at home mom for 10 years... yes, 10 years without a man! I know! it's a LONG time! I met a guy within two weeks of being on easy-moms, I'll be frank, we hired a room and I made up for lost time. I left him like a rag doll. Begging to stop.

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